Your Health Your Live

Your Health Your Life

Your health means a lot.  If you are not healthy you become sluggish, tired, and can even be unable to think clearly, sleepless and many other ailments.  These are all things that can happen at the beginning of an illness or last many years before ever thinking that something is wrong.  In order to be able to fix something you have to first realize that something need to be fixed.  This involves reflection.  This involves being honest with yourself and your lifestyle.  What are you eating, what are you drinking?  Are you smoking or taking any other medications that can have an adverse affect on your overall health.

Next you want to think about your overall physical habits.  Are you leading a sedentary life?  Are you active?  Do you run in the morning or afternoon, go swimming, partake in any sports or go to the gym? What is the condition of your  overall physical fitness routine?  Is it continuous or seasonal?

Best practice is to take inventory on what your physical demands are and if they are rewarding to you both physically and mentally.  These inventories can be done by keeping a little journal.  Just like in accounting or balancing your checkbook you need to know what is happening; but in this case it is going to be for your health intake and outtake.  What are you putting in your body and what is physical outtake is your body doing?  These inventories will give you a more clearer picture of where you are so you can be able to better adjust where you want to go.  Here is a little video that I like about goals.  It talks about how important it is for one to know where they are.  This article will of course focus goals toward physical.  The video clip pertains to any life’s goals.

Concept of Visualization

What I challenge you to do is to make a little journal or keep one on your phone.  There are many out there to choose from and write down your day including what you ate during the day and what you did physically.

I am also at this stage.  I need to start this.  I have tried to get done a whole health regime going but have not succeeded to my liking. I think I am going to have to take inventory and do, learn, and practice more visualization.



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