Blenders Vs. Juicers


With all the products on the market today it is hard to decide which is best to stay healthy.  Juicing today is something that has gained a lot of popularity recently to those that are both into health and fitness as well as people who are looking to improve their health in a simple way.

If you have decided that you would like to improve your health or take your fitness to the next level, then you have decided that what you put into your body is a big deal.  Before we get into what to blend or juice you should know how each option works and what is right for you.

Juicers are a great way to improve overall health.  There are, however; a few big drawbacks in using juicers.  First they can be very expensive.  There are some nice prices ones but if you get big into juicing you can end up spending a lot of a huge kitchen gadget that is time consuming, takes up a lot of space, and does not provide you with the best in optimum health options. Juicers are time consuming as they require you to prepare the food going in.  They also do not add the pulp with takes out a lot of vital nutrients from your drink.  I have heard that some folks like to reuse the pulp or save it for later.  That is also time consuming.  In today’s world everything is about efficiency.  This one is not my recommended option.

The next choice is a blender.  The blender is a better option than the juicer but it too, like the juicer, has drawbacks.  It is time consuming, costly, makes a lot of noise, not good on clean up as you have to worry about the stuff stuck inside and the blade cleaning is not ideal.  Overall it is not the best option or the most efficient option out on the market today.

The next option is the advanced blender such as nutribullet or nutrininja.  These are the two biggest brand names on the market.  They have done a great job of making the system of obtaining healthy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables and the best and most efficient way to intake those nutrients into the body for optimum health.  The nutribullet is my choice.  It is the best of both the juicer and the blender and is actually so much more.  It is safe, easy to use, very time efficient.  The best points I can say about it is that the system comes with a book to help improve your health so you are not juicing or blending in the dark.  The whole system is something I recommend to anyone who wants to have better health or improve health.  It does not heat up after a minute like a blender does thus keeping all nutrients alive and healthy for consumption, it tears down the cell walls of the ingredients making the absorption into the body as optimum as possible.  The clean up is a breeze.  You can even use the blending cup for a consuming cup too.  And lastly it is not as loud as a regular blender.

I hope this helps you when deciding on which to use.

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